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BriteQ BT-250S

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BriteQ BT-250S
BriteQ BT-250S
BriteQ BT-250S
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BriteQ:n tehokas moving head clubeille.


*Powerful intelligent moving head for use in discotheques and hiring companies
*16 DMX channels (pan - tilt - pan/tilt speed - dimmer - shutter/Shaking - color - gobo - gobo rotation - prism - prism rotation - focus - pan 16bit - tilt 16bit - reset + lamp on/off)
*Can be switched to 8 or 16 DMX channels
*Remote DMX addressing
*Smooth 540° panning and 270° tilt movements with automatic position correction
*7 rotating, interchangeable gobos (D=26,8mm) + open
*9 trapezoid dichroic colors + white and variable speed rainbow effect
*3-facet prism, rotating in both directions at variable speed
*Menu driven blue LED display can be switched on/off
*13° beam angle with focus adjustment by DMX control.
*Blackout and fast strobe effect up to 10 flashes/second
*Smooth dimming 0-100%
*Can be used in Master/slave mode with built-in microphone triggered programs.
*Optional CA-8 controller available for different operating modes, including: blackout, different strobe programs, manual color/gobo and X/Y position selection, program selection and slow/fast mode.
*Fan cooling and electronic overheat protection.

Tekniset tiedot:

*Mains Input: AC 230V, 50Hz
*Fuse: 10 A/250V
*Sound Control: Internal microphone
*Pan/Tilt: 540° / 270° with automatic correction
*Beam angle: 13°
*DMX connections: 3pin XLR male / female
*Lamp: MSD250/2 or NSD250/2
*Size: 428 x 371 x 466 mm
*Weight: 23 kg

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