JBSystems Twinbeam Color Laser Mk3

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JBSystems Twinbeam Color Laser Mk3
JBSystems Twinbeam Color Laser Mk3
JBSystems Twinbeam Color Laser Mk3
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Tuottaa 2 synkronoitua laser sädettä


*Produces 2 synchronized laser beams
*Generates dynamic 3 color laser shows, perfect for fixed and mobile installations.
*RGY (Red, Green, Yellow) Class 3B Laser
o 650nm Red 150mW beam
o 532nm Green 150mW beam
o Mixed Yellow 300mW beam
*The color of the beams changes all the time using laser blanking technology.
*Several working modes:
o DMX controlled, 1 or 9 channels
o Stand-alone with built-in microphone
o Stand-alone automatic mode
*Preprogrammed multi-color laser shows
*DMX-addressing with LED display
*Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 for Laser Safety

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*Mains Input: AC 230V, 50Hz
*Fuse: 250V 1.5A slow blow (20mm glass)
*Sound Control: Internal microphone
*DMX connections: 3pin XLR male / female
*DMX channels: 1 or 9 channels
*DMX starting address: 001 à 255
*Laser Power: 150mW Green CW laser (λ = 532nm)
*150mW Red CW laser (λ = 650nm)
*Laser radiation class: 3B
*Laser Safety Standard: EN60825-1:1994 + A1:2002 + A2:2002
*Size: 26 x 30x 10cm
*Weight: 3,61kg

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