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BriteQ BT-626/GER

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BriteQ BT-626/GER
BriteQ BT-626/GER
BriteQ BT-626/GER
BriteQ BT-626/GER
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*Professional 6 channel Dimmer / Switch pack for 19" rack mounting
*Max load 16A (3680W) per channel with automatic 16A circuit breakers
*Suitable for both inductive and resistive loads
*Can be used to dim incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, low volt halogen lamps with ballast and dimmable LED-lamps (load must be >100W).
*Outputs equipped with German mains sockets (see barcode sticker)
*DMX (3p-XLR + RJ11) and analog 0/10V (dB9) inputs
*Block or individual channel addressing (soft patch)
*Switch/dimmer mode can be set individually for all channels
*Control faders 0-100% for all channels (no external controller needed)
*Preheat control to extend lamp life: 0-6%
Automatic phase/frequency tracking (45Hz to 63Hz) for improved dimming under difficult conditions.
*LED display for monitoring of all functions, including internal temperature.
*Mains input (200 ~ 240Vac):
*3-phase/4wire: total max. load = 22kW
*Single phase/2wire: total max. load = 9,6kW
*Intelligent thermo protection with automatic fan control.
*Dimensions: 483x88x312mm (19"/2U)
*Weight: 8kg

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Input: AC 200-240V, 45-63Hz auto tracking
*Max. input load: 3-phase/4wire: total max. load = 22kW
*Single phase/2wire: total max. load = 9,6kW
*Max. output load/channel: 16A or 3600W for use *12A or 2700W for non-stop 24/7 use in hotels, restaurants, buildings, …
*DMX in/output: 3pin-XLR or RJ11-6p4c (DMX-512 / 1990 protocol)
*Switch mode DMX values: switch-on value = 127
* switch-off value = 50
*Analog input: DC 0-10V on D-type db-9 connector
*Pin1~6 à Channels1~6
*Pin7 à not connected
*Pin8 à +12Vdc
*Pin9 à GND
*Max. ambient temperature:
*Fan activation temp: 45°C
*TRIAC type: BTA41-600 (40A / 600V)
*TOP3-housing insulated.
*Humidity: 40% ~ 80%
*Size: 482(W) x 88(H) x 300(D)mm (19" / 2U)
*Weight: 8kg

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