JBSystems LED WD Merger

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JBSystems LED WD Merger
JBSystems LED WD Merger
JBSystems LED WD Merger
120,00 €

WD Mergerillä yhdäistät 6 Wall dimmeriä


*The WD MERGER makes it possible to combine up to 6 LED Wall dimmers.
*The DMX-signals from up to 6 Wall Dimmers are merged (combined) in one 24ch. DMX-signal
*Perfect for bigger installations with several Wall dimmers in star configuration
*Extra DMX-input with automatic priority over the connected wall dimmers
*All 6 inputs provide 12Vdc power to the connected Wall Dimmers.
*19"/1U enclosure for easy rack installation
*Extremely user-friendly and easy

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Input: 100V~ to 240V~ 50/60Hz
*DMX input: standard DMX-512
*DMX Through: standard DMX-512 (1:1 copy of DMX input)
*DMX output: only DMX-channels 001 to 024
*Wall dimmer inputs:
*Wall Dimmer1 = DMX channels 001 to 004
*Wall Dimmer2 = DMX channels 005 to 008
*Wall Dimmer3 = DMX channels 009 to 012
*Wall Dimmer4 = DMX channels 013 to 016
*Wall Dimmer5 = DMX channels 017 to 020
*Wall Dimmer6 = DMX channels 021 to 024
*Size: 19'' 1unit (78mm deep)
*Weight: 1,2kg

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