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JBSystems LEDCON-02 Mk2

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JBSystems LEDCON-02 Mk2
JBSystems LEDCON-02 Mk2
JBSystems LEDCON-02 Mk2
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LED DMX-ohjain


*LEDCON-02 MK2 is an all round LED remote controller with extreme flexibility.
*LEDCON-02 MK2 has an integrated LED light modulator (switchable: 4 or 8 channels) for all our *JB Systems LED-projectors: you can control your LED PAR-projectors exactly the same way you did with your old halogen PAR-lamps when used with a traditional light modulator! But you can also do a lot more...
*Remote controller for:
*The complete LED MANAGER range
JB Systems LED-projectors
*Many other projectors with compatible DMX-mode…
*Different working modes:
*4 or 8 channel LED light modulator with integrated, music controlled, chases.
*Fixed color mode: Instant access to 9 pre-programmed colors with adjustable fade-over time
*Static chase mode: 12 different color chases with manual speed control
*Sound chase mode: 12 different color chases with audio triggering
*Spectrum mix: 32 different spectrum mix colors, including color fades
*Adjustable speed and dimming with fader
*Full automatic DMX-address function for up to 120 LED projectors!
*Blackout and “Full on" function

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Input: DC 9V 300mA minimum.
*AC/DC Power adapter: AC 240V, 50Hz à 9Vdc / 300mA (or more)
*DMX output: 3pin XLR
*DMX channel setup: CH1= RED * CH2=GREEN * CH3=BLUE * CH4=DIM / STROBE
*DMX address distribution:
*projector1 = address 001
*Projector2 = address 005
*Projector3 = address 009
*Projector4 = address 013
*Projector5 = address 017 (only for 8channel mode)
*Projector6 = address 021 (only for 8channel mode)
*Projector7 = address 025 (only for 8channel mode)
*Projector8 = address 029 (only for 8channel mode)
*Audio input: None, internal microphone
*Size: 21,0 x 14,0 x 4,6cm
*Weight: 930 grams

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