Synq-audio SMD-2

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Synq-audio SMD-2
Synq-audio SMD-2
Synq-audio SMD-2
192,00 €

2 kanavainen dj mikseri, mahdollisuus liittää myös tietokoneeseen usb:llä


*This compact and robust battle-mixer is the perfect choice for use with two turntables (ex. XTRM-1) or tabletop CD-players (ex. DMC1000) to obtain a small but yet powerful DJ-setup with perfect sound quality!
*2 channels equipped with VCA-technology and professional studio-grade dual-rail 45mm DJ-faders:
*On both channels you can select internal USB-soundcard (1x bi-directional), line or phono input
*Both channels have gain, 3-band EQ (+12/-26dB and full size input level meters
*Extra DJ microphone input with combo (jack/XLR), 2-band EQ, level control and On-Air switch
*Assignable, front-detachable, smooth 45mm hi-grade dual-rail VCA crossfader with adjustable curve.
*Master section with stereo level meter and both balanced XLR + unbalanced RCA/cinch outputs
*PFL section with split/blend option and PFL/main mix control
*Powerful headphones output with both 6.3mm and 3.5mm stereo jacks
*Record output with unbalanced RCA/cinch connectors

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*Free recording software available
*Power Supply: AC 230 V, 50Hz
*Power consumption: 18W
*Fuse: 20mm glass fuse 250V 1A slow
*Frequency response: 20-22.000Hz (+/-3dB)
*THD + noise: S/N Ratio (IHF-A): >80dB @ 1kHz.
*Micro inputs: 1.5mV @ 10kΩ
*Line/CD inputs: 150mV @ 22kΩ
*Phono inputs: 3mV @ 47kΩ
*Record output: 775mV @ 600Ω
*Master output: 1.5V @ 4k7Ω unbal.
*Master output: 850mV @ 600Ω bal.
*Tone controls CH1/CH2: +12dB / -26dB @ 10kHz / 1,3kHz / 50Hz
*Tone controls DJ MIC: +/-12dB @ 12kHz / 60Hz
*Headphone: 180mW@75Ω
*Dimensions: 240(W) x 290(H) x 104(D) mm
*Weight: 2,7kg

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