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Rodec MX1400

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Rodec MX1400
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4 Channel 10” Professional Audio Mixer

      4 Multiple input channels with:


  • Gain
  • Triple tone control +10dB / - 21dB
  • Dual wet & dry FX-Assign (World’s First)
  • Balance
  • PFL (cue)

Channel 1: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, digital S/P DIF Line B - USB in (option)
Channel 2: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, RCA Line B
Channel 3: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, RCA Line B
Channel 4: Separate balanced XLR Mic channel with gain, triple tone control, talk-over, pan, PFL and FX insert

3 Phono Inputs
5 RCA Line Inputs
4 Balanced XLR Mic inputs
1 Digital S/P DIF Line inputs
1 USB inputs (option)

2 Master outputs with dual wet & dry FX-Assign
Master 1 (Main): RCA and balanced XLR output with mono/stereo mode
Master 2 (Monitor): Balanced XLR output with mono/stereo mode, Dual tone control (high & low), without DJ Mic

Record Outputs
2 RCA record outputs
1 S/P DIF digital record output
1 USB record output (option)
+ or – DJ Mic

Faders – Crossfader
All channel & cross fader-functions are micro-processor controlled.
All faders are easy replaceable by removing the aluminium plate.
Assignable Crossfader with curve adjust identical to our Rodec Scratchbox.

2 Headphones outputs front (DJ) & rear (LJ) both can be used at the same time.
World’s strongest DJ headphones amplifier.
Headphones select rotary PFL/SUM.
Illuminated PFL buttons.

Power supply
Internal universal switching power supply 90V <> 264V.

Nominal analogue input levels: Line A asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 50k Line B asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 50k Phono asymmetrical (RCA gold plated): 5.2mV / 50k Microphone (channel 1 – 3) symmetrical (XLR): 9.1mV / 3.6k Microphone symmetrical (XLR or ¼” TRS JACK): 4.2mV / 1.8k Effects return (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k Nominal analogue output levels: Master 1 asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k Master 1 symmetrical (XLR): 1.55V / 600 Monitor symmetrical (XLR): 1.55V / 600 Record asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 10k Effects send asymmetrical (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k Headphones (1/4” TRS JACK): - 8 (1kHz – 1%THD) 417mW (1.8V) / 1.1W music power - 32 (1kHz – 1%THD) 1.0W (5.7V) / 1.7W music power - 600 (1kHz – 1%THD) 520mW (17.7V) / 0.6W music power Digital input: Line B (RCA): S/P DIF IEC 958 type II 32kHz – 192kHz USB (optional): 32kHz - 48kHz 16bit Digital output: Record (RCA): S/P DIF IEC 958 type II 44.1kHz USB (optional): 11.025kHz - 48kHz 16bit Music equalizer: Low: +10dB / -21dB at 100Hz Mid: +10dB / -21dB at 1kHz High: +10dB / -21dB at 10kHz Microphone equalizer: Low: +12dB / -12dB at 100Hz Mid: +12dB / -12dB at 1kHz High: +12dB / -12dB at 10kHz Monitor output equalizer: Low: +12dB / -12dB at 100Hz High: +12dB / -12dB at 10kHz General specifications: Frequency response: +/- 0.25 dB from 20Hz to 20kHz Subsonic filter: -25dB at 10Hz Signal headroom: 20.0dB @ 1kHz / THD < 0.05% Dynamic range: 103dB Signal to noise ratio: 90dB Total harmonic distortion: < 0.006% Crosstalk left to right of an input channel: >60dB @ 1kHz Crosstalk channel to channel: >86dB @ 1kHz Power supply voltage: 90VAC – 264VAC Power supply frequency: 47Hz – 63Hz Power consumption: 38W (On), 60W (Full load), 6W (Stand by) Operating temperature: 0°C (32°F) – 40°C (104°F) Operating humidity: 5% - 90% (no condensation) Mechanical specifications: Frontpanel dimensions (W x D): 254.0mm (10.0”) x 355.0mm (14.0“) (8HE) Bottombox dim. (W x D x H): 246.0mm (9.7“) x 343.0mm (13.5“) x 110.0mm (4.3“) Panel cut out dimensions (W x D): 250.0mm (9.8“) x 347.0mm (13.7“) Packed box dimensions (W x D x H): 335mm (13.2“) x 414mm (16.3“) x 207mm (8.1“) Weight: 4.50kg (9.92lbs) Packed weight: 5.46kg (12.04lbs)

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