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Yli 50:n vuoden kokemuksella. Handmade in Belgium. Need to say more?

4 Channel 10” 9HE Professional Scratch Mixer

4 Input channels
2 Phono inputs on gold plated RCA connectors.
4 Line inputs CH1 + CH2 + CH3 / FX-return + CH4 / Session / Backtape-in.
1 Microphone input on COMBO (XLR-JACK) connector.

2 Master outputs on RCA connectors.
1 Symmetrical output with XLR connectors on master 1.
1 Aux / FX-send output on RCA connectors.
1 Record/aus/session output on RCA connectors.
1 Strong head-phones output on JACK (6,35mm - 1/4 inch) and mini-JACK (3,2mm - 1/8 inch).

Channels 1 and 2
- Phono / line input select switch.
- Channel 1-2 reverse switch.
- Rotative level control per channel.
- Triple tone control with short faders, for very fast manipulation of the audio spectrum (+10dB/-21dB).
- Aux / FX-send push button for routing the signal via external effects-units.
- Wet / dry fader to mix between signal without effect and signal with effect.
- Short balance fader.
- CUT switches with very low operating force, placeable in 8 directions.
- CUT switchesCan be used in 3 modes: Momentary / Latching / Double speed cut
- Easy slide 45mm fader specially designed for high speed operating.
- Channel fader reverse switch with LED indication at the front.
- Channel fader curve control with potentiometer at front.
- Easy slide digital optical long life crossfader.
- Crossfader with friction control screw and cut-in distance control screws.
- Crossfader reverse switch with LED indication at the front.
- Crossfader curve control with potentiometer at front.
- PFL channel 1 and 2 ON/OFF button
- PFL select fader, to create a mixed signal of channel 1 and 2 in the headphones.

All volume- and curve-controls on channel 1 and 2 are done by a microcontroller controlled VCA.
The channel-faders, cross-fader and cut-switches can easily be replaced via the top-panel after lifting of the scratchplate.

Channel 3
- Mic / line input select switch.
- Rotative level control.
- 0dB LED to adjust the level.
- Dual band equalizer with rotative potmeters.
- PFL ON/OFF button.
- Routing switch to route the signal to channel 1 or 2 or directly to the mix.
- Short channel fader for fast operation.

Channel 4
- Rotative level control

- Front- and top panel in elegant matt silver paint.
- Aluminium anodised smooth scratchplate, no obstructions by any paint of text print on the panel.
- Front-handles to carry the mixer and to avoid unwanted moving of the buttons during use and during connection.
- Same height as the Technics famous SL-1200/1210 turntables.
- Soft touch rotative knobs for better grip on all rotative potmeters.
- Very smooth, extremely strong, metal plated matt chrome coloured knobs on all faders.
- Mode switch to select mono or stereo operation of the mixing panel, ideal for records with different left and right tracks.
- Two master outputs with rotative volume control (also useable as monitor or booth output)
- Two bright VU-meters to show the levels of the inputs or mixed signal.
- Normal and upside down text print at the back panel to facilitate connection.
- Soft rubber anti-slide buttons at the bottom of the mixer.
- Power switch on the back of the panel, to avoid accidentally switching off the panel.
- External power supply, to reduce disturbances.

    Nominal analogue input levels:
Line asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 50k
Phono asymmetrical (RCA gold plated): 5.2mV / 50k
Microphone assymmetrical: 8.0mV / 1.2k
Microphone symmetrical (XLR): 8.0mV / 22k
Effects return (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k

Nominal analogue output levels:
Master 1 asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
Master 1 symmetrical (XLR): 1.55V / 600
Master 2 asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
AUX asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
Record asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
Session asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
Effects send asymmetrical (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k
Headphones 7.7V / 600 input sensitivity

Music equalizer channel 1 & 2:
Low: +10dB / -21dB at 100Hz
Mid: +10dB / -21dB at 1kHz
High: +10dB / -21dB at 10kHz

Music equalizer channel 3:
Low: +13dB / -13dB at 100Hz
High: +13dB / -13dB at 10kHz

General specifications:
Subsonic filter: -25dB @ 10Hz
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.02%
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Fuse: T500mA
Approbation: CE-approved

Power source:
Standard with an AC-adapter of: 230V / 50Hz-60Hz
On request: 100V-117V / 50Hz-60Hz
Power consumption: OFF=8,7VA ON=22VA

Mechanical specifications:
Front: 254mm x 400mm (10" x 9HE)
Chassis: 224mm x 398mm x 84mm (same height as Technics SL-1210 MKII)
Weight: 6.02kg</P>
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And then we got the idea to create the ultimate scratch mixer... A team of professional Scratch Deejays and our R&D department tested every available scratch mixer on the market. Our goal was to improve every available feature and used component. To live up to the RODEC reputation this mixer needed the RODEC Quality, Sound, Headroom and Equalizer. Our Dj team provided the necessary refreshing new features. After more than 2 years of development the result is "the RODEC Scratchbox" in our opinion the ultimate scratch mixer without unnecessary bells & whistles. Check it out...

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