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JB Systems USB 3.1-RDS

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JB Systems USB 3.1-RDS
JB Systems USB 3.1-RDS
JB Systems USB 3.1-RDS
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Yksipesäinen cd-soitin monipuolisilla ominaisuuksilla, Radio, cd ja usb.


*The USB3.1-RDS combines different audio sources in a small 19"/1U housing, perfect for all kinds of fixed installations such as pubs, shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, … :
*AM / FM-radio: with RDS and 18 station presets
Slot-in CD-player: plays both audio CDs and *MP3/WMA files (supports CD-R and CD-RW disks)
*USB / SD-card media player: supports USB-sticks and SD/SDHC-cards up to 64GB
*Support for WMA and MP3-tracks up to 48kHz / 320kbps
*LCD-display shows FM RDS-station names and ID3-tags (title, artist, …) for MP3 and WMA-tracks
*Different playback modes: normal, random, repeat one/folder/all.
*2 fixed + 1 combined RCA/cinch output:
*Perfect for use in multi-zone installations: FM-radio and media/CD-player can operate *simultaneously and send different music to their separate outputs!
*For simple installations a combined “tuner & media/CD-player" output with volume control is available.
*The RS-232 input makes remote control by for example “home automation systems" possible.
*24Vdc emergency backup supply on EuroBlock connector.

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Supply: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz or DC+24V
*Fuse: T500mAL/250V
*Power Consumption: 10W
*Fixed Output level (@ 1kHz,0dB): CD/USB: 1.22 Vrms RADIO: 1.22 Vrms
*Variable Output level (@ 1kHz,0dB): 0 ~ 1.22 Vrms
*Frequency range: 87.5 ~108.0 MHz
*Channel Step: 50kHz
*Intermediate freq. : 10,7 MHz
*Sensitivity: 2uV @ 30dB S/N
*Signal / noise ratio: >60dB
*Frequency range: 522 ~1620 kHz
*Channel Step: 9kHz
*Intermediate freq. : 455 kHz
*Sensitivity: 30dB
*Signal / noise ratio: >50dB
*Signal / noise ratio: >80dB
*FORMATS: WMA + MP3 formats
*Possible file extensions: .mp3 ~ .MP3 ~ .mP3 ~ .Mp3
*ISO9660: max. 63 character style
*Joliet: max. 63 character style
*CD-ROM sector format: mode-1 only
*USB file system: FAT 32
*Max. capacity USB-memory: 64GB
*MPEG1 Layer3 (ISO/IEC11172-3): mono / *stereo sampled at: 32 - 44,1 - 48kHz
*Bitrates: 32 – 320 Kbps
*Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR *(Variable Bitrate) or Xing
*MPEG2 Layer3 (ISO/IEC13818-3): *mono / stereo sampled at: 16 – 22,05 - 24kHz
*Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
*Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR (Variable Bitrate) or Xing
*MPEG2,5 Layer3: mono / stereo sampled at: 8 – 11,025 - 12kHz
*Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
*Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR *(Variable Bitrate) or Xing
*Dimensions: 482(W) x 44(H) x 330 (D) mm
*Weight: 3.82kg

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