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EMS Cases
EMS Cases
EMS Cases
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Monista moduuleista saat kaikki tarvitsemasi casekoot.

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Very small weight: EMS flight cases are made from durable polycarbonate, light weight and very strong!
Grows with your needs: you start with a 6U version, when your audio installationgrows, you can simply buy 1 or 2 extension kits to transform your original 6U casein 9U or even 12units.
All kinds of adapters: you start with a basic, closed 19' rack. After some time you wish to add a disco mixer horizontally. No problem: just add an A.MIX adapter to make the installation possible.
Easy to assemble: On delivery the small 3U version is ready to use. The larger cases are pre-assembled and can be build together in a very short time (all instructions included).
3 versions available:
EMS PC-400: low cost version using plastic catches to open/close the case (depth= 40cm)
EMS 400: standard version using metal butterfly catches to open/close the case (depth= 40cm)
EMS 500: standard version using metal butterfly catches to open/close the case (depth= 50cm)
Base kit, including front and back lids, including assembly notes.
EMS xxx 3unit:base rack, useable height= 3 units (132mm)
EMS xxx 6unit:base rack, useable height= 6 units (264mm)
EMS xxx 9unit:base rack, useable height= 9 units (396mm)
EMS xxx 12unit:base rack, useable height= 12 units (528mm)

Extension kits to extend the base kits, including assembly notes.
EMS MOD01A xxx:extention kit, expands a 6U to 9U or a 9U to 12U
EMS MOD01B xxx: extention kit, expands a 12U to 15U rack
EMS MOD01C xxx: extention kit, expands a 3U to 6U rack
PS:Audio equipment not included.

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