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BriteQ DS-12

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BriteQ DS-12
BriteQ DS-12
BriteQ DS-12
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Täydellinen ratkaisu moniin DMX-linja ongelmiin.


*The perfect solution for many DMX-line problems: *this mini DMX-splitter divides any DMX-chain in 2 separate lines that will not interfere with each other, problems on 1 line will not influence the other line!
*Maximum security, thanks to complete galvanic isolation between all in/outputs
*100% RDM compatible for bidirectional DMX-communication
*The booster function makes your DMX-installation more reliable and flexible to set up.
*Specially designed for professionals:
*Small size: can be hidden anywhere
*Very robust construction: perfect for the rental guys
*Can be fitted with any standard truss clamp: easy truss installation
*Prepared for use with our COMBI-cables (combined power+DMX):
*1 INPUT: DMX 3pin + 5pin XLR + 10A IEC-power
*2 OUTPUTS: each with DMX 3pin XLR + 10A IEC-power
*Internal power 230Vac supply

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Input: AC230V / 50Hz.
*Max. Total Output Power: Max.10A over both outputs together
*DMX input: 3pin or 5pin XLR
*DMX outputs: 3pin XLR
*Size: 130 x 132 x 56mm
*Weight: 0,780kg

AA Hyvä luottokelpoisuus Bisnode 2020
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