Synq-Audio DLC-1

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Synq-Audio DLC-1
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Kompressorilimitteri järjestelmän suojaukseen tai efektiräkkiin. Stereo.

* Professional digital compressor / limiter based on 32bit DSP technology
* Can be used for all kinds of applications: improve sound quality and dynamics, protection of speaker cabinets, reduce peaks (radio), …
* Compressor mode with adjustable parameters:
* Threshold: -24dB ~ 12dB
* Attack: 0.1ms ~100ms
* Release: 10ms ~ 5s
* Ratio: 1/128 ~ 1/1
* Gain compensation: x1 x2 x4 x8
* Limiter mode with adjustable parameters:
* Threshold: -53dB ~ 10dB
* Attack: 20us ~ 3ms
* Release: 10ms ~ 5s
* Combined compressor/limiter mode
* Adjustable noise gate: -66dB ~ -24dB
* 10 user programs can be stored in memory
* 24bit sigma/delta AD/DA conversion with 48kHz sample rate
* Soft power on operation to avoid disturbing clicks
* Clear blue 2x16 character back light LCD display
* Full MIDI capability allows real time parameter control and program selection
* High quality components and rugged construction make it road proof
* Balanced XLR and 6,3mm jack in/outputs with adjustable input level
* Can be used for professional PA and studio but also for DJ's

* Power Supply: 90Vac ~ 240Vac, 50Hz
* Fuse: 20mm glass fuse 250V 1A slow
* Frequency response: 20-20.000Hz (+/-1dB)
* Noise gate threshold: -66dB ~ -24dB
* THD + noise:

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