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Synq-Audio DLP6 mk2

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Synq-Audio DLP6 mk2
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DSP kaiutinjärjestelmän ohjaukseen.
Yli- ja alipäästösuotimilla, limittereillä, EQ:lla ja viiveillä.
6 x Out.


*Professional digital loudspeaker management processor based on dual 24bit DSP technology
*Used to tune your loudspeakers to perfection!
*2 inputs and 6 outputs with full matrix routing capability
*Both inputs have:
*6 Band equalizer (parametric, high shelf, low shelf)
*Delay (adjustable up to 682ms [= 235m] in 21µs steps)
*All 6 outputs have:
*Crossover (Linkwitz/Riley, Bessel, Butterworth) with adjustable slope (12 / 18 / 24 and 48dB/oct)
*4 Band equalizer (parametric, high shelf, low shelf)
*Delay (adjustable up to 2000ms [= 688,86m] in 21µs steps)
Phase reverse
*Limiter (adjustable attack, release, threshold and hold time)
*30 different speaker setups can be stored in memory
*Program locking with password protection
*Firmware updates and parameter setup via PC:
*Via USB: easy setup but cable length limited to 5m
*Via RS485: (RS485/USB converter included) CAT-5E network cable up to 100m can be used.
*Complete Windows® software included with visually attractive and easy setup capabilities
*Soft power on operation to avoid disturbing clicks
*Clear blue 2x20 character back light LCD display
*High quality components and rugged construction make it road proof
*Balanced XLR in/outputs
*Can be used for professional PA and studio but also for Pro DJ's

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power Supply: 90Vac ~ 240Vac, 50Hz (30W)
*Fuse: 20mm glass fuse 250V 1A slow
*Frequency response: 10-20.000Hz (+/-0,1dB)
*Dynamic range: 102 dB
*THD + noise:
*S/N Ratio (IHF-A): >100dB @ 1kHz.
*Crosstalk: >95dB
*Input level (max): 4Vrms
*Input Impedance: 8kΩ balanced
*Output Impedance: 150Ω balanced
*Output level (max): 2Vrms
*AD/DA: 24bit Sigma/Delta
*Sample rate: 48kHz
*Crossover slopes: 12, 18, 24 or 48 dB/oct
*Crossover types: Butterworth, Bessel or *Linkwitz/Riley
*Delay inputs / steps: 682,52ms (235m) / 21µs steps
*Delay output / steps: 2000ms (688,86m) / 21µs steps
*EQ # input: 6 per input
*EQ # output: 4 per output
*EQ types: Parametric, L-Shelf 6dB, L-Shelf 12dB,
*H-Shelf 6dB, H-Shelf 12dB
*EQ gain: -30dB ~ +15dB / 0,1dB steps
*EQ Bandwidth: 0,016 ~ 4 octaves
*EQ frequencies: 19,7Hz ~21,9kHz
*Limiters – threshold: -20dBu ~ +10dBu / 1dBu steps
*Limiters – attack time: 0,5 ~ 50ms
*Limiters – release time: 10 ~ 1000ms
*Limiters – compression ratio: 1,2/1 ~ infinite/1
*Dimensions: 482(W) x 44(H) x 225(D) mm
*Weight: 3kg

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