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BriteQ BT-W91L3 ZOOM

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BriteQ BT-W91L3 ZOOM
BriteQ BT-W91L3 ZOOM
BriteQ BT-W91L3 ZOOM
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BriteQ:n laadukas moving wash ammattikäyttöön!


*A very compact but extremely bright LED moving wash for professional use in theaters, pro-stage, concerts, TV-studios, discotheques and hiring companies.
*The upgraded “MkII"-version of the original BT-91L3 ZOOM, now with additional amber LEDs and more output! (54220 lux@2m)
*Very fast zoom function for beam angles between 8° and 40°.
*Based on 91pcs high power 3Watt LEDs (22red + 23green + 22blue + 12white + 12amber)
*Very low noise architecture with temperature controlled fan speed
*Smooth but extremely fast 540° panning and 270° tilt movements
*The white LEDs soften the colors to obtain nice pastel colors!
*The amber LEDs add more warmth to the colors!
Individual white balance calibration settings for different color temperatures.
*Use of excellent optical lenses results in perfect color mixing, free from unwanted color spots
*Infinite colors thanks to high frequency 400Hz RGB color mixing technology which makes it also a perfect choice in TV studios (no interferences with TV-cameras)
*Switchable 12 or 15 DMX channels
*Extremely fast strobe function, up to 20Hz
*Low heat and very low power consumption
*Built-in menus with backlight alphanumeric LCD display
*Password protection for all settings.
*Compact, stylish and very robust enclosure including omega clamps.

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*Lamp: 91pcs 3watt LED (22 red + 23 green + 22 blue + 12 white + 12 amber)
*Light output: 54220 lux @2m/8°
*Power supply: AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
*Power consumption: 310W @ full output
*Size: 33,9 x 25,2 x 36,1cm
*Weight: 11kg

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