JBSystems FL30-WW-SET-3528-3M

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JBSystems FL30-WW-SET-3528-3M
JBSystems FL30-WW-SET-3528-3M
JBSystems FL30-WW-SET-3528-3M
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3m Warm white SMD-3528 IP65 suojattu


*Bright flexible led strip containing 30 white leds/meter.
*Total length = 3m: 6strips, each 50cm long, can be can be extended very easily using included middle connectors.
*The included 24V/1A power adapter allows extending the led strip up to 9m.
*Warm white color (3000K) to create a pleasant atmosphere.
*IP65 rated, also suitable for outdoor use or use in kitchens & bathrooms.
*Can be easily bended to follow the curves of any surface
*Equipped with self-adhesive 3M®-tape on the backside for easy installation on any surface
*High output thanks to the use of special “3528" LEDs
*24V version, with the big advantages:
*100% compatible with our LED Manager series (all separately available)
*Max. allowable length for one strip is twice that of 12V strips!
*Optional corners and other accessories available
*4pin connectors on both sides: easy connections without soldering

Tekniset tiedot:

*Power adapter: 100-240Vac ~ 24Vdc/1A
*Power consumption: 2,4W /m
*Light output (white): 660lux@0,1m
*Length: 3m (6 strips, each 50cm)
*Max length 1 line: 9m (using incl. power adapter)
*Dimensions (W x H): 10 x 3mm
*LED type: SMD-3528
*COLOR temperature: 3000K (warm white)

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