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Akulla toimiva LED-projektori, 7 RGB-LED:iä


*Battery operated LED-projector, based on 7 RGB-LEDs to avoid unwanted color shadows.
*Beam angle = 25° (medium spot)
*Projection angle can be adjusted over 90° (vertical to horizontal)
*The perfect solution for many applications: exhibition booths, parties, special events, ...
*Minimum 10 hours at full output on a fully charged battery
*Each projector can be equipped with an optional “G4 W-DMX wireless DMX-module" or you can go for the cost effective solution: only use wireless *DMX on the first unit and connect the other units via DMX-cable.
*The optional Wireless W-DMX module uses a new compact antenna: no more broken antennas anymore!
*Projector can still be used with empty battery: just connect it to the mains!
*Very smooth RGB color changes thanks to high freq. dimming electronics
*The internal battery charger charges the battery while the projector is working on mains power.
*Optional covers available:
*The unit is delivered in black color but can be equipped with special optional white covers to adapt it to the environment it will be used in.
*The optional covers protect the projectors against rain (IP43) so they can be used outdoor to light up trees, plants, walkways, …
*Different working modes:
*Standalone: custom colors selectable or automatic and beat synchronized color changes
*Master/slave mode: up to 16 units can be used together for wonderful preprogrammed, music synchronized lightshows.
*DMX-controlled, also wireless: 5modes, 4channels (R, G, B + Dimmer/strobe/sound chase/color macros) and 5channels (R, G, B, master dimmer, color macros, strobe channel)
*Controlled by a small JBS LEDCON-02 controller
IEC mains in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units (if needed).
*Note: For logistical reasons (different regulations for battery recycling in EU-countries) the battery is not included! The LDP-ACCUSPOT uses a standard rechargeable lead/acid battery that can be easily obtained from your local battery specialist or from major online suppliers all over Europe. In this manual you will find some links to online stores where you can buy this battery.

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*Mains Input: 100-240V, 50/60HZ
*Power consumption: 32 Watt
*Fuse: 250V T6,3A slow blow (20mm glass)
*IEC input/output daisy chaining: 40pcs
*Rechargeable battery: 12Vdc / 24Ah
*Battery dimensions: 166 x 175mm, height = 125mm
*Sound Control: Internal microphone
*DMX connections: XLR 3pin
*LEDs: 7 LEDs 3IN1 3W
*Beam angle: 25°
*Size: 225 x 226.5 x 233.5mm
*Weight: 5.5 kg

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