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BriteQ BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30

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BriteQ BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30
BriteQ BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30
BriteQ BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30
BriteQ BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30
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15-30 optiikka BT-PROFILE160LED lampulle.


*A powerful LED profile spot based on high power COB LED technology
*It's a perfect replacement for the halogen units with high power consumption!
*Rugged die-cast and extruded aluminum construction
*For your convenience the projector is sold as two separate parts:

*Specially coated optics for sharply defined crisp projections
*Four profile blades, specially coated for minimum reflections
*Two different optical units with adjustable zoom are available:
*“BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 15-30" (order code: 6001): 15°-30° zoom range
*“BT-PROFILE160/OPTIC 25-50" (order code: 6002): 25°-50° zoom range
*Lockable compartment for use of the optionally available:
*GOBO Holder (“BT-PROFILE160/GOBO HOLDER", order code: 6003)
*Outer diameter gobos: 86mm, optical diameter: 64.5mm
*IRIS (“BT-PROFILE160/IRIS", order code: 6004)
*Aperture diameter: adjustable from 5mm to 74mm
*Combined zoom/focus operation with locking mechanism
*Lockable lens compartment: easy access for internal lens cleaning
*Can replace ETC Source Four-optics
*Optical barrel can be rotated and locked I any position

*This is the actual LED ENGINE containing the 160W COB LED, which is sold separately.

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*Zoom Range: 15°-30°

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