JBSystems Plano Spot

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JBSystems Plano Spot
JBSystems Plano Spot
JBSystems Plano Spot
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Superkompakti ja supertyylikäs RGB LED projektori/pesuvalo joka suunnittelunsa ansiosta on todella litteä ja sujahtaa neliötrussin sisään sukkana antaen hienoja värielämyksiä(Antaa niitä myös vaikket asentaisikaan sitä trussin sisään).

* Super compact RGB LED-projector containing 212 high-power 5mm LEDs (70 red + 71 green + 71 blue)
* High quality “Hewlett Packard® / Agilent® " LED technology
* Beam angle = 15° (narrow spot)
* Many applications possible: Discotheques, DJs, exhibition booths, homes, ...
* Can be fixed in ALU-truss like any standard LED PAR, using a standard clamp
* Can be used as floor projector, under any possible projection angle
* Super compact housing, perfect for hiring companies!
* Very smooth RGB color changes thanks to high freq. dimming electronics
* Different working modes:
* Standalone: custom colors selectable or automatic and beat synchronized color changes
* Master/slave mode: up to 16 units can be used together for wonderful preprogrammed, music synchronized lightshows. (optional CA-8 controller possible)
* DMX-controlled: 4modes, 4channels (R, G, B + Dimmer/strobe/sound chase)
* Controlled by LEDCON-02 DJ-controller
* Different ways to set DMX start address:
* Fast remote DMX addressing using any standard DMX-controller
* In master/slave mode you can address all units just by pushing 1 button
* IEC mains inputs of several units can be daisy chained.

* Mains Input: 230V 50Hz
* Power consumption: 28Watt
* Fuse: 250V 6,3A slow blow (20mm glass)
* IEC input/output daisy chaining: 50pcs
* Sound Control: Internal microphone
* DMX connections: XLR 3pin
* LEDs: 212 high power LEDs (R70 + G71 + B71)
* Beam angle: 15°
* Dimensions (HxWxD): 212x212x67mm (without bracket)
* NOTE: Fits perfectly inside 30x30 quattro truss!
* Dimensions (HxWxD): 252x272x67mm (with bracket)
* Weight: 1,6kg

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