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1x 3-color LED 3Watt


*An extremely compact LED... 
54,00 €
DMX ohjattava "all-in-one" LED efekti


*Just buy... 
245,00 €
JBSystems Andromeda DMX
LED-Pohjainen tupla moonflower efekti DMX:llä, need to say more? * Incredible LED based double moonflower! * Uses 92 high power LEDs (32 red + 30 green + 30 blue): * Extremely... 
113,00 €
JBSystems Apollo DMX
Tuplamoonflower efekti DMX:llä ja scannaavilla peileillä. * Incredible LED based double moonflower equipped with 2 scan mirrors! * Thanks to 1channel DMX control, the... 
149,00 €
JBSystems Astro Bag
Tyylikäs laukku Astro ja Atlas valojen kuljetukseen.

Tilaa neljälle valolle ja niiden kaapeleille. 
29,50 €
JBSystems Astro White
Tyylikäs Moonflower efekti valkoisena ja totta helv... LED-Tekniikalla! * Powerful, DMX-controlled LED moonflower. * Based on a very powerful white 3 watt LED: * Extremely... 
125,00 €
JBSystems Atlas
Innovatiivinen LED DMX Moonflower efekti. * Innovative, DMX-controlled LED moonflower. * Based on 52 power LEDs (R=16 + G=12 + B=12 + W=12): * Extremely brilliant colors... 
93,00 €
JBSystems Cyclope
Monipuolinen LED efekti. * A very powerful, eye-catching, LED effect. * Based on 7 LED clusters with 392 power LEDs(R=140 + G=105 + B=84 + W=63): * Extremely brilliant colors... 
241,00 €
JBSystems Genius 2
Tyylikäs LED DMX valoefekti. * This is a fabulous effect based on 2pcs 3Watt RGB LEDs * Fills the room with powerful and sharp, laser like colored beams * Extremely brilliant... 
189,00 €
JBSystems LED Barrel
Ääniohjattu monivärinen LED Moonflower barrel peilillä. * Innovative, sound activated multicolored moonflower equipped with a barrel shaped reflector, light beams... 
99,00 €
JBSystems LED Devil II
Pirullisen hieno LED efekti. * An extremely compact, DMX-controlled, LED effect * This powerful, eye-catching, LED effect uses 3 optical discs and 6 lenses to obtain an... 
249,00 €
JBSystems LED Flash Rope
Astetta erilaisempi strobo LED efekti. * Wonderful strobe effect for all kinds of decorations! * The waterproof (IP44) 6,2m electrical wire contains 12 LED strobes, all... 
69,00 €
JBSystems LED Flower
Kompakti ja tehokas moonflower efekti. * Innovative, sound activated multicolored moonflower * Based on 46 power LEDs (R=16 + G=15 + B=15): o Extremely brilliant colors... 
79,00 €
JBSystems LED  Micro Scan
Superhyperdyper kompakti täysverinen scanneri LED kuosissa. * Ultra compact DMX scanner for mobile DJs and small clubs * Based on 10WATT WHITE LED technology: * - Very... 
235,00 €
JBSystems LED  Octo Panel
8 kpl LED paneelin yhteytymä. * LED OCTO PANEL is a stylish light effect composed of 8 LED panels (20x20cm each) * It's the right tool to create wonderful full color... 
369,00 €
JBSystems LED Panel
LED Paneeli. * Stylish RGB LED-PANEL containing 72 high-power LEDs. * Many applications possible: Discotheques, exhibitions booths, shops, public places, taverns and... 
119,00 €
JBSystems LED Pipe 230V
Tyylikäs LED valaisin. A complete JB Systems LED PIPE 230V system contains the following components: # 1 or more LED PIPE tubes (can work standalone or can be connected to... 
154,00 €
JBSystems LED Rave
Bileet by LED RAVE. * Incredible LED based multi color gobo flower! * Based on 10WATT white LED technology: * - Very low power consumption (money saving!) * - Extremely brilliant... 
189,00 €
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