Synq-Audio CDX-2

Synq-Audio CDX-2

19" Tupla DJ-CD-soitin vaativalle DJ:lle ja clubeihin, MP3-toistolla
USKOMATON TARJOUS 1KPL JLJELL! Kiintest asennuksessa ollut cd-soitin, hinta-50%

* Full MP3 Playback (max. 999 MP3-files / 255 Folders on 1 CD)
* MPEG1 layer3 (32 + 44,1 + 48kHz)
* MPEG2 layer3 (16 + 22,05 + 24kHz)
* MPEG2.5 layer3 (8 + 11,025 + 12kHz)
* Supports both CBR and VBR bitrate modes
* Alphanumeric VFD display (for CD-TEXT and MP3 ID3v2 tags)
* PCMS (Permanent Cue Memory System) for 5000 cue points and loops
* Autoloop function: makes automatic 4-Beat loops
* Loop cut/extend function (from 1/256 loop to 32/1 loop)
* 4 Hot Cue buttons can hold cue points and/or seamless loops
* Up to 4 Seamless loops for every track with reloop/stutter
* Seamless real-time loop edit function
* Visual marker for loop lengths
* Full automatic beat counters with extra TAP-function
* Pitch Lock (Master Tempo)
* Pitch ranges: +/-4%+/-8%+/-16%+/-100% (up to +/-16% on MP3)
* Pitch bend on jog wheel and buttons for perfect mixes
* Reads CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
* Anti-shock Memory 30seconds
* 1/75sec Frame search, also on MP3
* Real-time cue ('Cue on the fly')
* Ultra fast memory start within 10msec
* Fader start, fader stop, (back cue) with auto cue function(-48dB)
* Relay play allows consecutive playback on two decks
* S/PDIF digital audio RCA coaxial
* 60 seconds Transport Protection
* Selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display
* Single/continuous play
* Sleep mode (saves the life span of the laser)

Tekniset tiedot:
Ulostulo: 2V rms
Taajuusvaste: 20-20 000Hz
Signaali/kohina suhde: >105dB
Lukija: Kolmisdelaser digitaalisella servolla
Ohjausyksikk: 132/Kx483/Lx74S (19"/3U) 2,2kg
Soitin: 88/Kx483/Lx262/S (19"/2U) 5.7kg
Toimitusaika: 14 vrk

Power Supply: AC 230 V, 50Hz Power Consumption: 23W Output level: 2,0Vrms +/0.5dB @ 1kHz, 0dB Frequency response: 20-20.000Hz (+/-0,4dB) THD + noise (20kHz LPF): 0,006% @ 1kHz, 0dB S/N Ratio (IHF-A): >102dB @ 1kHz, 0dB Short access time (next track): Long access time (track 1  20): Laser Pickup: Sony KSM-213CCM 3spot detection 780nm Electronic tracking: Full automatic digital tracking. DISC FORMAT: Possible file extensions: .mp3 ~ .MP3 ~ .mP3 ~ .Mp3 ID3 tag compatibility: ID3v2 and earlier CD-TEXT compatible: yes ISO9660: Level1 (max. 8'/8.3' character style) Level2 (max. 31/30 character style) Joliet: max. 64/64 character style CD-ROM sector format: mode-1 only Max. Folders: 255 Max. Files: 999 MP3 FORMATS: MPEG1 Layer3 (ISO/IEC11172-3): mono / stereo sampled at: 32 - 44,1 - 48kHz Bitrates: 32 - 320 Kbps Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate) MPEG2 Layer3 (ISO/IEC13818-3): mono / stereo sampled at: 16 - 22,05 - 24kHz Bitrates: 8 - 160 Kbps Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate) MPEG2,5 Layer3: mono / stereo sampled at: 8 - 11,025 - 12kHz Bitrates: 8 - 160 Kbps Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate) or VBR (Variable Bitrate) Dimensions: Main unit 482(W) x 88.8(H) x 310(D) mm Control unit 482(W) x 132(H) x 75(D) mm Weight: Main unit 5.9Kgs Control unit 2.4Kgs Manuaali

Hinta: 359.00 479.00
Valm. koodi: 324
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